The DuraPlay Surfacing System, is primarily used for playgrounds although there are many applications it is used for in theme parks and childcare centers. The DuraPlay Surfacing System provides overall consistent fall protection and can be easily customized to meet the safety, design and aesthetic requirements for your playground. This ADA compliant surfacing is self-contained, allowing no loose particles to escape in shoes or pockets while providing a safe, clean, maintenance free surface for children to play on.

Features and Benefits:

Proven Materials –  Only the highest quality ingredients available are used to create the DuraPlay Surfacing System.  All materials are tested according to ASTM standards. Our product is proven by thousands of installations all over the country.

Superior Specifications – The specifications of DuraPlay Surfacing System are well above industry standards. DuraPlay offers a full half inch wearing course with 2.7 pounds of material per each square foot of surface formulating a durable, longer lasting surface.

Professionally Installed By DuraPlay, Inc. – DuraPlay is installed by professional installation teams.  Each team has attended DuraPlay’s extensive training program and has years of experience installing the DuraPlay Surfacing System.

Environmentally friendly– Using 70% recycled materials, the DuraPlay Surfacing System is one of the greenest surfaces in the industry.

Consistent Coverage for Consistent Safety Overall – The DuraPlay Surfacing System is poured in place on site to create a monolithic, unitary surface; therefore, no maintenance is required to maintain consistent fall protection and wheelchair mobility.

Fully accessible to everyone – DuraPlay provides an ADA compliant, seamless, non-slip wearing surface that is fully accessible to everyone. 

Maintenance Free – While other surfaces require extensive maintenance to be safe, DuraPlay Surfacing System has zero maintenance so you can rest assured that your playground is the safest it can be at all times.

Porous, No standing water —the DuraPlay Surfacing System is porous, so children are able to go back to a dry surface with no muddy mess almost immediately after a rain. 

Endless Color and Design Options- The DuraPlay Surfacing System is easily customized to meet the most intricate design requirements. We can match even the wildest of dreams. 

Technical Data:

DuraPlay Specs
Color chart
Edge details

Construction Detail