FibarDrain is a drainage matrix that channels water away from the playground, maintaining a playable surface even after a heavy rain. This means a playground design that allows for more time on the playground, no mud on the shoes, and happy teachers and maintenance personnel! FibarDrain prevents deterioration of the Fibar Engineered Wood Fiber. FibarDrain is so effective that it enables us to offer a 25-year Warranty for the entire playground surface.FibarDrain is flexible so it can conform to the playground substrate. It is composed of a needle-punched 100% non-woven geotextile sleeve surrounding a monofilament nylon mesh. The sleeve allows water to soak through while keeping out soil and other particulate contaminants. The mesh holds the sleeve open to facilitate the flow of water. FibarDrain strips are laid down on 6′ centers in the direction of the grade.