Imbarimba by Freenotes Harmony Park.  Heavy duty outdoor musical instrument for parks and schools.

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The Imbarimba is a pentatonic instrument that delivers resonating sounds. The inspiration for this design combines elements of two African classics – the marimba (a resonated xylophone) and kalimba (a thumb piano). Notes are arranged in a particular way to allow the player full access to both upper and lower notes.

The musical bars are made of durable fiberglass and entirely weather proof. You can surface mount the Glass Imbarimba or set on a sturdy stand. Each instrument is supplied with two durable mallets attached with coated steel cables.

Please note the photos of our instruments may show slight variations of components. Some are custom made for specific clients. Not all styles are available in all countries. Please contact us if you have questions about availability. The standard color is Yellow.



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