The easy way to get Creative! When you choose KidBuilders, you can let your imagination run wild with an amazing selection of climbing. sliding, crawling and overhead components that will captivate kids. Better yet, they are compatible with universally accessible ramps – so every kid can join in on the fun!

KidBuilders System Features:

  • 5″ galvanized steel powder-coated posts
  • Exclusive non-slip steel clamp
  • Adjustable to variable site conditions during installation
  • Tamper-resistant stainless steel hardware
  • 48″ square decks

Featured Components:

  • Quantum Elbow Slide
  • Spiral Slide
  • Chain Net Climber
  • Rock Challenge Walls
  • Animal Crawl Tunnel
  • Balcony Deck
  • Castle Window with Battlement
  • Castle Arch Panel
  • Castle Battlement

Ages: 2 to 12