Pegasus by Freenotes Harmony Park.  Heavy duty outdoor musical instrument for parks and schools.

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Metallophones have been used in music for hundreds of years. There are several different types used in gamelan ensembles. The Pegasus is a hefty metallophone made with twenty-three resonated aluminum bars in the key of C Major and A minor. The instrument can be wall mounted or set on a sturdy stand. The stock color is Sky Blue.

The aluminium bars of the Pegasus give an incredibly resonant and sustained sound that both adults and children find enchanting. The Pegasus offers a playing experience which can be described as peaceful and relaxing. The appeal of the Pegasus is the pure escapism that playing it allows, enabling you to experience the freedom of pentatonic improvising.

This outdoor musical instrument can be wall mounted making it an excellent choice for the people who lack outdoor space or set on a sturdy stand. The stock color is Sky Blue

Metallophones existed in China during the 7th century. By the 17th century, metallophones reached northern Europe through Indonesia where there are many different types with names such as slentem, gender and saron. They were originally used as practice instruments but were accepted as performance instruments in the 18th century. In the 20th century, the music-education methods of Carl Orff added metallophones to many classrooms around the world.

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