Synthetic Turf

LandSoft Turf is a unique blend of polyethylene monofilament fibers and nylon thatch layers. The combination of these fibers provides a very soft, plush carpet-like feel. The nylon thatch layer gives the turf the bounce and resiliency characteristics needed in a playground surface while also encapsulating the sand infill used to hold the system firmly in place. The variations of green nylon and polyethylene fibers give the turf a very natural grass-like appearance. LandSoft Turf simulates a fine blade fescue or blue grass creating beauty that never needs fertilizing, watering or mowing.The most important part of a playground is what lies beneath. A dependable, consistent surfacing system is the best means to protect a child. Approximately 60 percent of all playground injuries are due to falls, so it is important to provide children with a safe surface below. LandSoft is a unique playground surfacing system designed for safety as well as beautification in and around play environments. LandSoft provides superior shock absorption and impact protection from falls; the most common source of serious injuries related to playground activity.

Why Synthetic Turf?

  • Provides a safe, sanitary play area for children underneath and around playground equipment. LandSoft Synthetic Turf systems are much more sanitary than sand, pea gravel, wood mulch, and rubber products.
  • 100% Anti-microbial. SofPad Pro, SofPad Standard, SofFill Infill and LandSoft Turf are all anti-microbial and not subject to bacterial buildup.
  • Eliminates buried debris that could be harmful.
  • Significantly reduces potential for eye injuries as a result of children throwing pea gravel, sand, wood mulch or crumb rubber infill.
  • Easy to install. Comes in 4 ft. X 4 ft. interlocking panels that easily lay into place.
  • Durable. Can be driven on, frozen, cut, exposed to water, chemicals, etc. without losing its strength.
  • Significantly reduces insects. Reduces bites from chiggers and other insects.
  • LandSoft Synthetic Turf will not stain clothing – keeping children clean.
  • Consistent Gmax and HIC safety ratings. Systems available to meet ASTM F1292 requirements for up to 12ft critical fall height.
  • Completely ADA Accessible.
  • Significantly reduces maintenance costs. No top-off, raking or repositioning of mulch is required.
  • Fast Drainage. Provides rapid water drainage both vertically and laterally even on a .5% slope.

Available in fall heights ranging from 5ft (1.5m) to 12 ft.(3.7m)