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One of the great things about playgrounds is that they give kids a chance to get outdoors in the sunshine. But, when it comes to the sun, sometimes it can be too much of a good thing. And that’s where shade solutions come in.

Lea Park & Play offers a variety of choices when it comes to providing much-needed shade on the playground. These shade solutions protect children from potentially hazardous heat and UV rays while also extending the life of your playground equipment and surfacing. And of course, they are all available in your choice of styles and colors, so that your shade solution will complement the overall look and design of your playground. Whether it’s a shade structure, a pavilion, or a shelter, Lea Park and Play can keep you cool.

Little Tikes Commercial manufactures a number of fine shade structures and awnings in their ShadeBuilders line, including Hip & Ridge Shade Structures, Hyper-Infinity Shade Structures, Pagoda Roof Toppers, Pyramid Shade Structures, Pyramid Roof Toppers, and Sail Toppers. These products are made from a high-density polyethylene fabric, which provides up to a 94% shade factor, easily sheds water, and doesn’t fray or tear, all while withstanding winds of up to 90 mph. And most of these shade structures are designed to fit over your existing playground equipment.

For picnicking or gathering spaces in parks, Americana Building Products offers many fine shelters and pavilions in a variety of sizes and configurations. All of these structures are designed with prefabricated; anti-graffiti powder coated steel frames and structural, interlocking roof panels for superior strength.

Lea Park & Play can provide your playground with shade solutions that look great and, most importantly, keep kids from getting too much sun. Give us a call today at 972-690-8163 or 800-237-4739, and we’ll make sure you stay cool on the playground.

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