How do I find out who my direct contact is at Lea Park & Play?

Give us a call at 972-690-8163 or reach out by email to [email protected] and we will get you to the right person for your area.

Who is my sales rep?

Please check out our Find Your Rep page.  If you are unsure which rep covers your area, feel free to call or email us and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Do you charge for site planning and design?

No!  We offer site planning and design as a free service.  We would be happy to visit with you in person, do a site evaluation, and provide topview and 3D designs (for playground areas) along with a detailed quote.

What is the lead time for commercial park and playground equipment?

Lead time varies by manufacturer and product type.  Playground equipment is typically in the 4-6 week range.  Safety surfacing is typically 2-4 weeks.  Shade structures and shelters are usually 6-8 weeks, depending on shade type and whether or not engineering is required.

Do you offer installation and maintenance services?

Yes we do!  We have in-house installation crews and are able to provide turnkey projects.  We also offer maintenance assistance as needed.  Please contact us for a quote!

Do you offer playground inspections?

No, we don’t currently offer playground inspection.  However, we have several experienced Certified Playground Safety Inspectors that we work with on a regular basis.  We would be happy to put you in touch with them.  Please contact us and we’ll share their contact info.

What type of safety surfacing do you recommend?

This is a tough question! There are pros and cons to all types of playground safety surfacing. The first step would be to decide if you need unitary safety surfacing or loose fill surfacing. Unitary surfacing (Poured-in-Place Rubber, Artificial Turf) is the best choice for wheelchair accessibility and ease of maintenance. However, the upfront cost is much higher. The best options for loose fill safety surfacing would be Engineered Wood Fiber (Playground Mulch) and rubber mulch. Loose fill surfacing is less expensive upfront, but you will need to top off the mulch over time. So, the maintenance required is higher than unitary safety surfacing. We would be happy to get you pricing on several options and help you make the best choice for your situation. Please contact us for help.

I would also recommend that you read through the IPEMA playground safety surfacing guide titled Choosing IPEMA Certified Playground Safety Surfacing to Meet ADA Requirements.

Where do I begin when I start planning a playground project?

First step is deciding there is a need for a new playground, then you will need to decide  what age group your users are in and what their needs are, where your playground is going, and what your budget for the project will be. If your unsure just go ahead and start with us,

we can get you in touch with your rep and help answer all your planning questions. Email us at [email protected] and let’s get started!