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Determining the best way to buy your new commercial playground equipment can be a daunting task. It’s a major decision which will affect the children at your school or park. But don’t worry; there are purchase options available that can take the stress out of your decision. Click through some of our options to see what will fit your needs. Then we can begin building the playground of your dreams.

TASB BuyBoard (Cooperative Purchasing)

NJPA  – National Joint Powers Alliance (Cooperative Purchasing)

If your community has decided to raise funds for your playground investment, Little Tikes Commercial would recommend using our DoughBuilders “FunRaising” and Grant programs through our parent company, PlayPower, Inc.  Although fundraising takes a lot of hard work and dedication, the experience can prove to be very rewarding for all involved.

Start Enjoying the Benefits of a New Playground Today!  Little Tikes Commercial has developed two unique leasing programs; one to manage public purchases and another for private purchases. These programs provide flexible, cost effective means of getting your playground funded today.

Community Build
Establishing a community built playground project can not only save money, but can also prove to be very rewarding. We can assist in a community built project by providing a factory trained / certified playground installer to supervise community volunteered labor for the playground installation.

Purchase Orders are accepted from schools and municipalities!!

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